It is our objective to help hospitals save high costs in their processes and materials.

We create new standards.

We do this by developing and manufacturing premium surgical instruments and innovative medical devices.

With our ASANUS BarCon Logistics Software, which has been continuously developing for over 20 years, we create an overall software solution for hospital logistics. With the integration of subsystems as well as the control of robots and automated storage and transport systems, ASANUS is considered the technological market leader in this field.

By combining our intelligent software and medical products with integrated RFID technology, we are setting new international standards.

  • Judith Weilepp
    The ASANUS instruments are first-class in quality, service and application. Especially the ASANUS TITANIT instruments have a very long durability in use, which is economically much more efficient than the standard instruments available from other companies.
  • Today I have seen, what I firmly believe, is the future. A truely innovative approach which will have benefits for procurement, theatres, instrument tracking, stock reduction and most importantly the patient.