Safety for the patient

The ARIS technology is based on a RFID tag that is fixed on medical products and transport mediums. The ARIS RFID System enables unique identification and traceability of surgical instruments and all other chipped medical materials at item level with UDI.

For the first time it is possible to track your single instruments clearly, easily and quickly. In the OT, instruments can be counted electronically for completeness in seconds, simply and reliably. This offers maximum patient safety and can significantly reduce the OT changing times.

The splintTag offers optimum security of attachment to surgical instruments.

Your advantages with the ASANUS ARIS RFID System

each set is complete and controlled with obligatory packing of the correct set content:
- always all instruments in the set
- always the right instruments in the OT
bulk reading (simultaneous reading of various instruments) with a comfortable reading range and high speed reading
the ablity to read bloodstained and packed instruments
mounting on micro surfaces is possible
plagiarism protection with RFID