ASANUS BarCon Instrument Management System

supply logistics for instrument management

ASANUS BarCon IMS includes the management of the material flow in the complete instrument cylce in the CSSD, OT and all other functional areas such as outpatient clinics, care units and endoscopic departments.

This includes the documentation, management and control of the reprocessing process for reusable surgical instruments and devices as well as consumables in the CSSD and their application in the OT and other functional areas.

The reprocessing is carried out in accordance with the integrated automated prioritisation in conjuction with the current surgery planning.

Your advantages with the ASANUS BarCon IMS

batch documentation
automatic sterile goods logistics control with dynamic prioritisation
UDI article management
automatic GTIN generation according to the new MDR
complete media management (pictures, videos etc.)
transport logistics
automatic calculation of operational costs
QM: integration of document management systems
repair management
materials management
automatic requisitions
ERP integration
communication messenger
documentation of implants (osteosynthesis trays)
reports and analysis