Over 20 years of experience and knowledge in medical technology and sterile goods logistics



Fully automated supply logistics becomes reality

We shape the future. Automation in the logistics sector with robots and autonomous trolleys is becoming reality. In the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) in Kiel and Lübeck the world's most modern fully automated supply logistics is being created, centrally controlled by the ASANUS BarCon Logistics Software.


splintTag - the completely integrated RFID chip in surgical instruments

ASANUS has succeeded in creating an absolutely reliable way of marking with a new type of insertion of micro-RFID chips into surgical instruments.
On the market this is regarded as a breakthrough for the implementation of individual marking with RFID chips on surgical instruments. The way is now clear to digitally record surgical instruments in large quantities simply and quickly and to monitor their use in the CSSD and in the operating theatre using electronic count check.


Always the right instruments on the operating table using artificial intelligence, MDR-compliant

The ASANUS BarCon Logistics Software enables the flawless provision of surgical instrument trays for the OT through the use of artificial intelligence. In the OT work can now be carried out efficiently and quickly, without instrument searches and with the certainty of having all instruments.
For the first time, the use of instruments in the operating theatre becomes transparent and thus the performance of individual manufacturers. Individual instruments can be fully traced; from their use on the patient through reprocessing to the manufacturer and its manufacturer batches.
The prerequisites for meeting the new requirements of the MDR have been created by using the ASANUS BarCon Logistics Software.


ASANUS receives the Innovation Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg

ASANUS is awarded for its ASANUS BarCon software and the ARIS RFID chip technology. For the first time this technology enables a holistic networking of complex processes in various related work areas. The prize is awarded for the development and implementation of an exemplary Industry 4.0 solution.


ASANUS BarCon Case Cart Logistics

ASANUS BarCon Case Cart Logistics is the first completely integrated, digitally networked case cart logistics system to be put into operation at the Charité in Berlin.
For the first time, it is possible to compare surgery planning in real time with the required materials to ensure that it is feasible. The ASANUS BarCon Logistics Software centrally controls the provision of the surgical instruments and sterile consumables required for each individual patient case. The logistics processes are being managed in real time and monitored.


ASANUS BarCon Cost Calculation Module: Economic efficiency and cost optimization

All operating costs of a CSSD can fully automatically be determined in detail, down to the individual product. These can be assigned to the cost objects and the locations of performance.


ASANUS BarCon Implant Module

Implants in plates and screw racks can be electronically recorded visually and automatically in the operating theatre and booked to the cost units as well as to the respective patient cases.


Introduction of the first ASANUS BarCon Case Cart Logistics

The BarCon Mawi Module is developed as a case cart software system with automatic material logistics. With interfaces to the HIS and ERP system (SAP) this is the first integrated software system worldwide with case cart and instrument management.

RFID chip for surgical instruments

The first RFID chip is inserted into surgical instruments by ASANUS. The RFID chip can be read in short ranges (HF). The necessary reader was also developed by ASANUS. The RFID chip is inserted in a round capsule which is inserted into a countersunk hole. The ASANUS BarCon software is further developed for the application of the chip instruments and ARIS is created.


Continuous expansion of the ASANUS BarCon Software with connection to the operating theatre

For the first time it is possible to display interdepartmental processes in a networked manner and with real-time transparency. The OT can now see which process steps the sterile items to be reprocessed are currently undergoing in the CSSD, while the CSSD can track which process steps are being carried out in the OT with the sterile items.

Service & support through set re-organisations

The first IMS (Instrument Management System) combined with a set re-organisation is performed by ASANUS. The successful result is a purification of the complete instruments in the existing cycle by 50%.


ASANUS BarCon Software, BarMat and LeitDoc

The first version of the ASANUS BarCon Software for instrument management is launched.
BarMat is the first software for material orders in hospital logistics. For the first time, it is possible to order materials electronically by means of barcode scanning.
ASANUS also develops the first document management system LeitDoc.

Slim Line and Micro Slim Line Scissors

Development of the Slim Line and Micro Slim Line with the Department of Cardiac and Pediatric Heart Surgery at the University Hospital in Helsinki. Mikro Slim Line ring scissors were developed in cooperation with Professor Magometschnigg, Head of Vascular Surgery at the University Hospital in Salzburg.

Clear marking on surgical instruments

The first attempts to uniquely identify surgical instruments with a data matrix code and RFID chip are realized, tested and further refined. Also the ASANUS Software, which is extended by the processing of unique serial numbers on articles, is realized.


AMS becomes ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH

Beginning of development of the ASANUS Software

The ASANUS Software for the management of repairs in hospitals is developed.

Titanium Instruments

Development of a comprehensive microsurgical cardiovascular instrumentarium in cooperation with world-renowned surgeons. For example, the development of the titanium vascular forceps for the absolutely finest atraumatic grasping of vessels and tissue was created in cooperation with Dr. Fischer from Stuttgart-Feuerbach.

TITANIT® scissors

A further important improvement for sustainable operative surgery was the development of the ASANUS TITANIT® scissors with significantly longer cutting edge life than the scissors previously used on the market.


Company foundation

Armin Schorer founds the company AMS. The product range already includes a wide range of surgical instruments for the entire surgical field.