ASANUS BarCon Case Cart Logistics

extended supply logistics for all medical products

The ASANUS BarCon Case Cart Logistics offers an integrated automated supply logistics for the complete sterile goods needed for each single patient case, in coordination with the surgery planning.

Each operation with its required resources is supervised centrally in real-time by the ASANUS BarCon Logistics Software for material availability and thus feasibility.

For each patient, a case cart with the instrument sets and medical supplies needed is prepared. The picking of the case carts takes place in case carts storages. The case cart is provided at the place of treatment at the required time.

In addition, each specialist department receives a daily cart with articles that cannot be standardised in advance, such as gloves, gowns, suture material, etc. Another additional cart is the emergency cart, which is equipped with extensive instrument sets, available in each department for emergencies.

BarCon can also integrate loading robots as well as fully automated storage systems and autonomous transport carts into the logistic processes, giving you logistics 4.0.

Your advantages with the ASANUS BarCon Case Cart Logistics

savings of 30% and more in storage costs for instruments and medical products are possible
enable the operating theatre staff to focus more on their main tasks in OT by reducing logistical workload
increase in OT procedures through significant reduction of the changing times in the OT
maximum flexibility in the surgery planning and feasibility
MDR-compliant, legally complete documentation of the sterile goods applied and consumed for a patient (MDR: EU Medical Device Regulation)
standardisation of all surgical materials along with continuous review of all case cart standards for cost efficiency
complete transparency and inventory of all materials and devices in stock near the OT
automation with mobile transport systems, loading robots and electronic storage systems
can be used modularly with centralised and decentralised case cart systems for small and large clinical units