CSSD Supplies

Set baskets with different fixation variants for instruments
The comprehensive range of supplies for sterile goods offers a selection of different filters, labels, seals, filter holders, fixing clamps and boxes.
Furthermore we offer articles for the maintenance of instruments such as the STERI-SOFT instrument oilspray for the lubrication of surgical instruments. With this special oil for surgical instruments from ASANUS, you can significantly increase the service life of your scissors, clamps, etc.
ASANUS instruments often accompany you for a lifetime, if they are cared for properly and regularly.

Description of the instrument care oil:

- for lubrication of surgical instruments before sterilisation
- very good creeping characteristics
- effective corrosion inhibition
- optimal lubrication after the sterilisation up to 200° Celsius
- toxicologically harmless
- highly economical

Do you have questions about the optimal care of your surgical instruments? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

Label printer with special labels and other supplies for the IT documentation of reprocessing processes