SUPER CUT Scissors

The SUPER CUT scissors are generally characterised by a sharp micro-grinding on one of the two cutting blades.
This offers the surgeon an easy and controlled incision especially when cutting through strong tissue structures.

We offer two quality standards in the SUPER CUT product line

SUPER CUT Standard

The entire instrument is made of high-quality stainless steel with a robust high-gloss surface and black coloured handle.

ULTRA CUT Scissors with Super Cut edge

The main body of the instrument is made of high quality matted stainless steel with long gold coloured handles and branches. The cutting blades are manufactured with high-quality hardmetal (TC), which gives the ULTRA CUT scissors a longer cutting life.

ASANUS ULTRA CUT scissors are ideal for use especially when you need scissors that can withstand very heavy-duty use while at the same time meeting the highest demands on cutting performance.

In addition, the ULTRA CUT scissors are finished with an anti-slip serrated edge, which prevents tissue from slipping out and ensures safe cutting even in difficult situations.