Surgical instruments with embedded RFID tag

splintTag® - With ARIS® you are safe!


The fitting of an RFID tag on a surgical instrument has been subject of research in ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH for more than 20 years. With splintTag® the instrument is uniquely marked; it acquires an identity. The ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH commands a unique know-how in instrument material, joining techniques, cutting, and manufacturing, combined with decades of software development in Sterile Goods Logistics. With splintTag® we use established RFID technology for marking. RFID, a technology everyone knows for example of contactless payment or anti-theft devices.

The ASANUS "splintTag®" integration method of RFID chips in surgical instruments is worldwide unique and safe!

In addition, ASANUS offers RFID marking and tracking of transport carts, sterile goods containers, sterile goods trays and other objects. The ASANUS logistics software makes your processes safe with RFID-tagged products in critical safety zones of the AEMP - it also supports error-free work when packing the sieve contents of surgical instruments in the AEMP as well as counting control in the operating room. All work and movement steps are intelligently monitored, traceable and cleverly controlled and can be analytically evaluated for the optimization of your logistical organization and management.




Embedded, contactless radio identification
Unique identifiability of the instruments
Reliable reading of contaminated and pouch packed instruments
Bulkreading total sieves
Resistant to cleaning, disinfection and sterilization
Biocompatible and heat resistant up to 250°C

Advantages ARIS®
Sterile Goods Logistic Software

Digital count check allows pre-, intra-, and postoperative monitoring
Automatic, individual traceability of each instrument
Guaranteed sieve completeness and content correctness
Quality Management of the instrument stock
Improvement of patient safety
Implementable also for Sterile Goods Containers and Sterile Goods Transport Carts

We create new standards

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For more than 20 years, we at ASANUS have been developing mature software for hospital logistics together with computer scientists with many years of experience. Our claim is to help hospitals save high costs in their processes and materials. With the ASANUS BarCon logistics software we create a holistic software solution for hospital logistics, which intelligently controls the transport, handling, storage, provisioning, procurement and distribution of medical devices, people, costs and information. With the combination of our intelligent software and our medical products with integrated RFID technology, we are setting new standards internationally.