BLUE LINE Titanium Instruments

Lightness in highest precision

The BLUE LINE titanium instruments are characterised by extremely precise workmanship and maximum atraumatic application.

BLUE LINE Micro needle holder and micro forceps

Especially for the finest work in the field of microsurgery, the ASANUS BLUE LINE micro instruments, with an average weight of 45% less than conventional steel instruments, offer you an even finer and more precise handling with fatigue-free work.
The anti-magnetic property of the titanium instruments allows you to grip the microneedles without magnetic effects. The special diamond dusted jaw coating of the ASANUS micro needle holders, which are finely tuned to the needle sizes, enable gentle and atraumatic holding of the micro-needles in any position. Suture hole bleeding due to crushing the needle body can thus be avoided.

BLUE LINE Vascular clamps and vascular forceps

The ASANUS BLUE LINE vascular clamps and forceps have a much more atraumatic effect on the vessels to be clamped and gripped than comparable vascular surgical instruments made out of stainless steel. Especially for vessels affected by atherosclerosis, the BLUE LINE titanium instruments offer maximal atraumatic working.

Cross-bites are avoided through the special design of the BLUE LINE vascular forceps.

Due to the low weight of the material and the weight-reducing design of the ASANUS BLUE LINE titanium instruments, you achieve a safe positioning of the vascular clamps with considerably less tilting effects.